Film Clips

How was the outer appearance of the cathedral until 1960? Which current damages require a restoration? How does the cathedral look like by now and how after the building alterations? Films answers these questions and show  surprising views. Footage is available.

Images of the cathedral until 1960

Images of damage of the cathedral before the restoration

The cathedral today

What is requested? A modelanimation of the reconstruction works

The prelude meeting on 5 June 2009

Bernward’s Column (Christ’s Column)

Godehard´s Shrine

New organ-CD from the Hildesheim cathedral supports the cathedral-restoration

The cathedral closes down

The cathedral as a building site

The Head of Christ from Bernward’s Column

Bernward’s Door moves

Excavations in the cathedral

Masterpieces from the Dom-Museum, Hildesheim in the Bode Museum: "Treasures of Faith"

Lower Saxony's biggest christmasstollen

Excavations at the rosetree and in the Antonius Chapel

Excavations in the Central Ship of the Cathedral

Selling ot the „cathedral-stollen“

Minister President David McAllister is the new patron of the Cathedral Restoration Project

A new bishop’s vault emerges 

Excavations in the cathedral crypt: searching for the origins of the diocese

A Thousand Years are like a Single Day: CD from Matthias Brodowy

Half Time Cathedral Restoration

Grave-find confirms the centre of the diocese

Restoration of the Tintenfassmadonna

Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil visits the construction site at Hildesheim Cathedral

The new bells for Hildesheim Cathedral have been cast in Karlsruhe

Time-lapse Recording Cathedral Altar

Time-Lapse Recording Cathedral Organ