Costs and Stage of Construction

The total costs of all measures amount to 35,6 million euro. They are spread over the following modules:

Module 1 (cathedral): 12,0 mio. Euro
Module 2 (sacristy and chapter house): 1,1 mio. Euro
Module 3 (cathedral-museum): 7,5 mio. Euro
Module 4 (Joseph-Godehard-House): 0,3 mio. Euro
Module 5 (cathedral-school with entrance cathedral-museum): 2,7 mio. Euro
Module 6 (cathedral-forum – at the moment not being realised)
Module 7 (outside facilities): 0,9 mio. Euro

If another financing is provided  the hall of the Joseph-Godehard-House is being restored to a special exhibit area of the cathedral-museum (another 1,7 mio. Euro).

The diocese Hildesheim contributes 7,3 mio. Euro to finance this measures taken off church taxes.

The diocese expects 14,9 mio. Euro provided by public investors (financial means by Federal Government and land of Lower Saxony, European Union), foundations (among others Loxer Saxony foundation, cloisterchamber, VGH foundation, penny bank foundation), project promotions (German Governmental foundation for enviroment, German foundation of preservation of sites of historic interest) and clerical aid organisations (Bonifatiuswerk of Chatholics in Germany). Conversations for this purpose are far advanced, concretely applications are posed or granted in part.

The missing 2,3 mio. Euro are to be raised by single persons or companies. In the course of this the just even founded cathedral-construction-Society “Hohe Domkirche Hildesheim e.V”. has an important function.